August 7, 2018


Here’s a little bit of a backstory about what I was sharing with my hubby right after this shoot. When I was growing up, I’d always looked up to women in suits in the corporate world heading to work in the morning and always dreamt of being employed in some industry just for the clothes (give me a break, I was like 10! ;). They all looked so powerful and to me they all must have felt strong with a sense of confidence as they strutted to work.  While I never really did end up going down that corporate route, I did pursue my love for fashion/style.

I think it’s so important to always have at least one power suit that is tailored perfectly to your frame. I found out about Suistudio when I was in NYC a month ago with my mom and hubs at Brookfield place in the Financial district (of course!). I had to stop in and even shared some looks via IG story that day while trying out some suit combos when I was at the store but decided to pick out this mis-matched suit. It is super subtle so you don’t realize it’s mis-matched and I fell in love with this oatmeal shade and knew each piece would be versatile, especially the blazer. So the pieces could be separated and be the foundation for other looks!  The fit on this blazer was so perfect it didn’t require any alteration. The pants however needed to be taken in at the knee and the length had to be hemmed to fit perfectly with a 4″ heel.

Now that I’m back in LA, I am totally jealous of you New Yorkers. I love that store and if you are in the area you have to stop by and check it out! In the meantime though, you can also check out their e-commerce site right here. 

Suit by Suistudio