July 22, 2018


So guys, I had my wisdom tooth extracted over the 4th of July holiday and it was a doozy. I won’t go into detail but it took me a while to bounce back and feel like myself again. From reactions to the meds, the pain and the general discomfort, it was not a fun time. So when I got the green light from my dentist that my life could resume at normal speed, I wanted to do something fun.

The hubs and I packed our bags and jumped into the car for a short drive to Santa Barbara, specifically to spend a couple nights at The Ritz Carlton Bacara. One of the many highlights of living in So Cal is you don’t have to drive too far to get to some amazing locales. The Mister loves driving along the coast anyway and when our destination is The Ritz Carlton Bacara well, lets just say he was in a great mood (even when we hit a little bit of traffic!)

We’ve actually been to the property before but only for brunch and couldn’t help but notice how beautiful it was! So coming back and spending more time here was always on the cards. When you pull up to the property, the tone is set. The picturesque lobby, the gracious staff, the scent of the ocean. Vacation mode, engaged!

Our ocean facing room was breathtaking. The staff made sure the door to the patio was open so we got the full effect when we walked into the room. Major “Wow” Factor for sure! Even so, we couldn’t wait to jump into the pool so we quickly unpacked and changed to the appropriate attire for our afternoon at our poolside cabana and adjourned for a day of poolside cocktails and snacks!

Walking around the property is not only a pleasure, it’s a necessity! Not only because we had to walk off all that delicious food  but also because there are so many gorgeous corners and nooks to sit and relax. Plus you’re right by an amazing beach so there’s that! The property also boasts an amazing restaurant in Angel Oak and of course, dinner was enhanced with an amazing view of the ocean. This was our first time dining here and we enjoyed it so much that we are actually making plans to drive up from LA  just for dinner in a couple weeks. When you guys come up here to stay or even for the day, please make reservations!

All in all, I have to say how much I appreciated my time at The Ritz Carlton Bacara and as you can see by the pics, there is no surprise there. It was a much needed getaway and both the Mister and I can’t wait to return!

Yellow Dress / ShortsWhite Dress (Comes in Pink too) / Purple Cardigan