August 9, 2018


There’s always something new to discover in the city. The Mister and I have been to NYC so often that the term “bi-coastal” is starting to apply to us (almost)! We have so many amazing friends there and even if schedules clash and we can’t meet, there’s always the next trip in a few weeks. So in saying that, you might expect us to be getting a little weary of the city. But no! On the contrary in fact. In previous posts both on the blog and on Instagram, I’ve talked about staying in different neighborhoods and how each part of the city has its own vibe and energy. Well, the last couple of trips we’ve been gravitating towards NoMad and the Mister and I love it.

For this past trip, we were lucky enough to be staying at The James New York – NoMad. I’ve stayed at The James in SoHo and immediately became a fan and I’m happy to say that their NoMad location has that signature James feel. The hotel is a new addition to the neighborhood (fully opening in February 2018) but the building itself is not. The hotel has managed to balance both the historic appearance of the facade and the modern amenities you would expect from a high end hotel brand. From the moment you walk in, you are taken by the modernistic feel of the lobby and lounge but that exterior feels right at home alongside the other historic buildings on Madison.

And of course there is Scarpetta and THE Spaghetti. Just so you guys know, this neighborhood is ridiculous for food. Korea Way is 3 blocks away on 32nd with some amazing eats (late night too!) and Murray (Curry) Hill is just past Broadway on 29th. But Scarpetta is next to the lobby of The James so you don’t even have to leave the building to dine well. Mind you, it was packed every day we were there during both lunch and dinner services but we managed to snag bar seating twice (yes!) so reservations are recommended and ordering the Spaghetti is required (by the Mister, not the restaurant ;)!

Usually when we travel to the city, our heads are down and we’re going from meeting to meeting, shooting looks, work and events or a combination of the lot. But this time, we balanced our time better so we had an opportunity to explore this neighborhood and even visit some new places we hadn’t been. We went uptown to Harlem to experience its unique energy and have an amazing meal at Red Rooster (hi Tomi!) and we even went in to New Jersey to visit my dear blogger friend Kyrzayda. And before we knew it, 6 days had come and gone and we were heading to the airport for our flight back home. The funny thing was that as we were waiting to take off, the hubs and I were already talking about our next trip back. For some of you, that might sound crazy! But you have to realize that NYC is always changing and there are new flavors to discover and new sights to see. There’s a reason why so many come to visit and live here, even with some of the worst traffic in the world.

And that reason is, there’s always something new to discover in the city.

Location: The James New York NoMad, NYC