September 26, 2019


I don’t wear them often enough but it’s a style that keeps coming back. The Flares – the 70s style that has swag like no other. No lie, it’s hard to wear for someone who is petite, I am 5’2 if you didn’t know that already. Somehow I always made them work and I want all my petite girls out there to feel like they can too.

I’ll be honest, it’s a style I wouldn’t wear all the time, like my skinnies or mom jeans because I can’t really wear flares with low heels or sneakers since I’m not tall enough and it mostly only works with a comfortable pair of platforms or 4″ inch heels.  The pair above were tailored at the hem (cost me $15) because I wanted the original hem and I think my tailor nailed it perfectly!

There’s just something about the 70s flare that hits you with a “bang”, it’s such a statement! And looking back on my past flare looks, I thought it was fun to put together a collage over the years starting with one from 2011. Like I said, it’s a style that just keeps coming back!

Jeans ( they run tight, I’m wearing size 25) / Top / Bag