May 2, 2018


Find out how I met my SPF match just by using Olay Whip Total Effects SPF 25

My relationship with SPF was not a close one. I hate to admit it, but SPF wasn’t a factor for me unless I was heading to the beach or I knew I’d be under the sun for a while. Growing up, no one had really talked to me about the importance of SPF. When I did learn about certain products that contain SPF I gave a few a try but never really liked the way it felt on my skin. They always felt sticky and left a white residue on my skin so I gave up on that idea really quick! 

I couldn’t really shake the thought of how important protecting my skin from harmful UV rays was, so a few weeks ago I asked you guys on my Instagram how important  SPF was to you.  Most of you actually said it’s essential but some were like me and used it when necessary while others said that they still haven’t found the right product. The ones who were adamant about using SPF really made me think about the kind of damage I’ve been letting happen to my skin.

Find out why my relationship with SPF was not a close one and how Olay Whip Total Effects SPF 25 changed that for me.

Well, all that’s changed and for the past month, I’ve been religiously applying my new Olay Total Effects Whip with SPF 25 every single day. I wear it even when I’m home in the day (as most of you know I work from home). I also brought it out to Palm Springs when we visited friends. I am usually not someone who lays out in the direct sun but it was so beautiful out there that I had to get close to it at least 😉 so I stayed in the shade close to the sun! (FYI, you still require SPF even if you are not under direct sunlight)

Here’s why I fell in love with OLAY Whips with SPF 25. Unlike other facial sunscreens I’ve tried in the past, Whips with SPF has Active Rush Technology which holds and releases 1000x it’s weight in hydration, (trust me, this was proven in Palm Springs where the humidity was 8%!!!) instantly absorbing into the skin. It feels light and moisturizing. You almost won’t believe it has SPF in it! There was no sticky feeling and it also didn’t  leave any white residue and to me, that’s a winning combo! After applying it, I immediately throw on my regular makeup routine and I was ready for the camera 😉 daring to even shoot under the desert sun!

Hands down, Olay WhipTotal Effects SPF 25 is now my favorite sunscreen for my face. I’ve always been a fan of the OLAY Total Effects Whip so I’m continuing that relationship with its SPF sister. It’s also available in the Regenerist and Luminous collection so all you need to do it pick one and try it for yourself HERE. I know you’ll love them!

Sheryl Luke using Olay Whip Total Effects SPF 25

Sheryl Luke using Olay Whip Total Effects SPF 25

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