March 16, 2018


A few weeks ago I told you about Olay’s newest Cleansing Infusions collection for both body and face. If you want to read more about their body cleansers, click right here but for today I wanted to touch on their Facial Cleansers.

With pending warm weather approaching as we start getting into Spring, I definitely want to keep my makeup light and on some days even go makeup free. I know I have to start prepping my skin now so that I can achieve that dewy look so I’ve been switching things up this week by using both of these cleansers.

After removing my makeup, I cleanse my face with the Deep Sea Kelp and Aloe Extract. The amazing thing is my skin felt baby soft immediately. On days when I feel like my face is feeling just a little bit dull, I use their Micro Polishing Cleansing Infusion Hydrating Glow facial cleanser. It contains exfoliators that break down as you wash, creating this micropolishing effect that results in a really smooth surface. Radiant and smooth skin is like the perfect canvas for adding on your daily night serum and moisturizer.

What’s amazing about both of these cleansers are that they are non-stripping cleansers (meaning no tight feeling after cleansing) and over time they improve your skin’s radiance and gives you a natural glow. Now you don’t have to fret if you forget to finish your makeup routine with a highlighter because your natural glow is going to shine through. Get your own bottle over  at Walmart right here 

Thank you to OLAY for partnering on this post