January 4, 2018


Hey guys! We are back in LA and quite relieved that we escaped the Winter Storm in NYC just in time, to be honest. Our flight for LA took off a few hours before the start of the snowfall and travel today would be difficult if not impossible. The past 8 days was rough, it was so darn cold! I really have a newfound respect for my NYC people and for all the folks in the colder parts of the world! Chicago and Boston were even colder! I’m hoping all my East Coast peeps in the middle of the storm are staying safe and warm.

So back to our regular scheduled programing. Let’s talk a little about this cozy outfit. The Shearling teddy bear coat look is all the rage now and it comes in so many colors and lengths. If you are still on the hunt for one (or to add to your collection), I’ve linked a few below that are super cute, so have a look!

Coat / Tee / Jeans / Shoes / Bag / Watch / Sunnies