January 8, 2018


I’m sure I don’t have to tell you guys that it’s not easy dressing for winter. The brutal cold like we experienced last week in NYC was a real challenge on a physical level, never mind trying to come up with looks! Honestly, all i really want to wear was the puffiest coat in existence and loads of scarves around my neck and face, not very stylish. But I persevered and I styled this look just to post on the blog because I wanted to show you all my RED boots! I packed them and lots of coats hoping I could actually wear them and walk around the city but the weather was not having it.

So we shot this in 15mins and ran back to our hotel. I’ve had these red boots for over a year now and when I featured it early last year but it didn’t really get the reaction I thought they would. Well, fast forward to now and I am seeing a ton of red boots all over the place.

I should feel good that I was so ahead of the curve, I guess… Still these boots are a great way to perk up your own winter look especially if it features a lot of dark colored pieces.

Coat / Jeans / Blazer / Boots ( affordable option here)