August 29, 2017


When you hear people rave about a skin care product, especially when it’s referred to as “miracle water” curiosity definitely stirs in your mind. With all my travelling, I always struggle for a few days after landing in my destination until my skin acclimates to my surroundings. Well, it’s nearly time for Fashion Week and this is a majorly busy and hectic time for me so you’ve got the added factor of stress! I’ve been looking for a regime that would transform my skin to get it travel/NYFW ready which is super important, as well as keep it in fantastic condition for years to come but little did I know it would be so easy! On an added note, It’s ironic that as we age, we want to build our confidence around our natural look. To me, that means less makeup and more about accentuating my natural features. I only mention that because I tend to head to the airport without makeup and I used to be a little sheepish but this one bottle promised to give me better skin in the short term as well as into the next decade and beyond and that is something I can definitely get behind!

So in the past couple months I’ve been clocking some serious air miles with trips to NYC (several times), Rhode Island, Boston and even Miami! So you guys can imagine the different climates my skin has had to tolerate! Thank goodness for my bottle of “miracle water. It’s been my regimen for daily use (day and night) and I’ve seen how much better my skin feels. I started using it before heading to Rhode Island where it was just slightly humid and then in NYC and Miami where humidity was definitely a much bigger factor and also back in LA where the climate is just vastly different, predominantly much more dry but still hot. I really couldn’t believe how great my results were! My skin doesn’t react to the different climates like it used to and (a huge plus) I feel much more confident going makeup free on days when I’m running around town doing errands.

But let’s take a quick step back. Naturally, I’m quite particular about the kinds of skincare products I use so I did some homework to get to know more about the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I discovered that the key ingredient in the product is Pitera™. Derived from a strictly controlled natural fermentation process, Pitera™ is a clear liquid, rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. Within 3 weeks of using it, I noticed how much it improved the texture and appearance of my skin and how much better it was reacting to the different climates. Preparing my skin with the regime really made a huge difference to me. My days worrying about breakouts thanks to the added oiliness that comes with humidity seem to be over and for me, that makes me so happy. It makes my trips so much more enjoyable because I’m so much more confident! So yes people, “miracle water” is truly a fitting moniker!

In closing I’ll say that having good skin is a great feeling. Take your own #onebottleawayfrom journey like I did if you want to transform your skin. I have been so happy with all my results (more even skin tone, open pores are less visible, smoother complexion) and I just want to share this with all you guys out there!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SK-II. The opinions and text are all mine.