August 28, 2017


Hey guys! I wanted to share something new with all of you on today’s post. I’ve always had a makeup regime that I’ve followed forever but for a little while now, I’ve been testing out some new products and my newest acquisition is La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation. La Prairie in itself is luxury at its finest and they sure know how to make a girl feel her best and most confident as she walks out the door!

Before talking about the benefits of the foundation itself, I really want to highlight how smart it is that La Prairie included an exquisite matched concealer, a 5x magnified mirror in the cap, and a precision brush and foundation sponge because it makes life so much easier especially for the girl on the go!

I went with “Soleil Peche” shade and the foundation itself is infused with real caviar extracts and can provide buildable coverage for a flawless finish. I have to say it feels so amazing on the skin! It’s so velvety, I would describe it as almost cashmere like and a little goes a long way so you don’t have to keep applying to get the effect you want.

As I mentioned earlier, the concealer in the same bottle is an added perk and is some kind of miracle makeup because I have never had my fine lines hidden so well! I use the brush to dab some concealer onto spots and then pat in with my finger so it couldn’t be any easier!

I think every girl deserves to spoil herself every now and then so the next time you’re at Saks Fifth Avenue, I think you should stop by the La Prairie beauty counter to get perfectly shade matched or , if you know your shade already, pick it up right now, here!

Thank you to Saks Fifth Avenue for partnering on this post