June 27, 2017


This post has a skincare story and it all begins with my grandmother. I grew up watching her use the simplest skincare regime, I don’t know if you guys remember when OLAY was still called Oil Of Olay but it’s a brand she swore by and was a nightly routine before bed. In fact, the tradition moved to the next generation. That’s right, Mama Wonderland is also a fan so OLAY is a brand I can relate to. My grandmother never wore makeup and she aged so beautifully so they must be doing something right!

Let’s zoom back to present day, and as many of you know already that my mum is in town visiting me. I had a work trip to NYC in April and of course we all flew together and somehow, I forgot to pack my moisturiser. Well, enter mum (and OLAY) to the rescue. As I said earlier, she has been using OLAY for years and never forgets her OLAY Total Effects. So instead of buying another bottle of my regular brand when I had a practically full one back home, I decided to use her OLAY.

I’m certainly glad I did! My skin is extremely sensitive when it comes to moisturizers and it can easily react very quickly if the product doesn’t sit well with me. But I had no redness, no blemishes popped up and my skin felt it was prepped for foundation. Like I said, my skin is very “vocal” about what it likes and doesn’t like so I knew within a few days that my skin approved!

Of course, I did a little bit of research because I was curious about why it was working so well with my skin and boy, did I stumble on to some great info. OLAY scientists have been studying why some women age so well (like my grandma and mama) and they found that some women have unique gene activity that makes their skin look 10 years younger than their actual age! Lucky them!

But OLAY teamed up with a genetics company to study this phenomenon and came to the conclusion that while “nature” is an important factor “nurture” will have an even bigger impact on how your skin looks as you age. Some minor lifestyle habits can have such a huge cumulative effect on us, inside and outside. Things like getting enough sleep, daily sunblock use, maintaining an active lifestyle can help your skin look younger for longer.

On top of all this, OLAY have tweaked their Total Effects formula so it’s even better than it was before! They’ve added 50% more Vitamin E, doubled the amount of Green Tea Extract and fully protects against free radical damage. All I know is that I love the way it feels on my skin and more importantly, how well it’s working for me! So thanks Mama! All these years and you’re still showing me a thing or 2!

Thank you to OLAY  for partnering on this post