December 20, 2016


I’ve partnered with eBay to create this post! Enjoy!

Hey guys, you might have seen a little sneak peek of this video recently on my Instastory. For this holiday season, I teamed with eBay to chat a little bit about thoughtful holiday giving. It’s the season of thinking about your family, friends and loved ones after all!

Blogging and Friendships

I’ve known Taye for many years now and we actually met in the blogging community in LA. We were constantly bumping into each other at events and sometimes even post events meet ups, so I was so happy to be on set with her all day doing this awesome project for eBay. The goal was to find the perfect gift for my gal and that’s when I flashed back to an afternoon some time during the summer with her when we attended an event for a fragrance brand and after that, adjourned to high tea for a little chit chat session. I remembered her mentioning how much she loved this particular fragrance and I knew how much she would love that I remembered when she unwrapped her gift! I really couldn’t wait for Taye’s reaction when she saw the gift and it didn’t disappoint! She was thrilled and I think that the thought mattered just as much to Taye as the gift itself and that made my day.

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to stop by for the perfect gift to bring some holiday joy to your loved ones!