December 19, 2016


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Hey Guys! I really love the outfit on this post but while we were shooting it, there was an element of it that bothered me and I couldn’t quite place my finger on it. I drove the Mister crazy by asking him to switch lenses, try different angles and we drove all over the place to look for a good backdrop. The weather in LA has been rather crazy recently. Not east coast crazy mind you, but just a couple weeks ago it was in the 90s and almost overnight, the temps dipped into the 50s and 60s! Humidity is all over the place too. And on top of that I had been trying out a different brand of shampoo just to see what it was like and I don’t think it was the right shampoo for my hair type. Personally feels like it was stripping away all my natural oils.¬†So you know what that means right? Yup, Bad Hair Day!!! UGH!!

Well, it was good luck that I’ve been shopping for and rocking some different pieces of headgear (hats, beanies etc etc) for my looks recently so I picked this beanie up and left in the car a few days before this shoot and it really came in handy. The moment I put it on, I started loving the pics. It’s hard trying to deal with hair that just won’t cooperate. Mine was quite flat and simply refused any attempt at trying to improve the situation. Brushing didn’t help and while I would normally tie my hair up, I felt that look wouldn’t go with this outfit.

Not only did the beanie make the outfit, I think it actually stole the show! I love the black and white accent and the fishnet detail is a stroke of genius! So way to go, beanie! You took a bad hair day and turned it into a great outfit day, if I do say so myself ūüėČ

Jacket / Bag / Shoes / Beanie 

Thank you Pantene for partnering on this post