September 12, 2023


Hi everyone! I know, I know… It’s been quite a while but my blog has always had a special place in my heart and I’ve decided to start posting content here again because of the joy and how much more I can say. And I couldn’t think of anything better to kick this new era off than with a post talking all about one of the most magical trips we’ve ever taken. Read all about our amazing stay at Amangiri from last winter!

Disbelief. That’s what both Reuben and I felt when we clicked “confirm” on our reservation to Amangiri. We were being strategic by going during the off season when the resort was at a lower rate but it was still a healthy chunk of change to say the least! Having said that, we weren’t in a state of disbelief because of how much we had just spent. Instead it was because this was a trip that we’ve been wanting to take for so many years and now that it had been booked, we couldn’t imagine that we were finally bound for this amazing resort! But the purpose of this post isn’t simply just to gush. We really went with an open mind but were honestly skeptical that it would justify all the hype, Did it for us? Read on to find out.

First the nitty gritty details of how to get to the resort. We chose to drive since we had the pups with us and also because it’s such a similar route we had taken many times before on our way to Dunton, we were seasoned on what to expect. Of course, you can choose to fly into Paige or one of the larger regional airports and rent a vehicle or ask the resort to take care of your arrival and departure arrangements but if driving is an option, we really recommend that. The scenery is gorgeous, especially once you’re north of Las Vegas. If this is your first drive, I would suggest a day stop-over in Vegas so you’re getting to Amangiri fresh.

I remember thinking how much I loved the aesthetic, as we got a close up look at the property. It’s no surprise that just about every inch of this beautiful resort has been featured on media, both Social and Mainstream for years now, But it really is something else when you see it for yourself. The design of the property is a minimalist’s dream with the delightfully subtle hints of luxury and decor influenced by the indigenous people native to the area. Indeed, I’ll let my imagery speak for itself but I am not ashamed to say that it still pales in comparison to the real thing!

The resort is all inclusive so your dining and non alcoholic beverages are included but unfortunately due to Utah law, alcoholic beverages are not. I will say though that the delicious cocktails are worth every dollar! The chefs and service staff are incredibly attentive and receptive to your requests. And the amazing treatment wasn’t just focused on us humans. Indeed our furry little stowaways also got in on the act with custom pup meals filled with nutritious and fresh ingredients.

There are numerous activities that are on offer that take you away from the property and into the surrounding areas like the Slot Canyon (we did a guided personal tour) and Lake Powell (another personal guided tour, this time on a boat). Were they worth the money? For us, definitely yes. Antelope Canyon was a hike we’ve been wanting to do for so long and to get to experience a few of the absolutely stunning canyons away from the crowds was an amazing privilege. We did Lake Powell early in the morning with the waters calm and no boat traffic stirring, the water was a mirror to the sky. It was both a surreal experience of beauty and stark reminder as we saw how low the water line was getting. But should you choose to forego these experiences and stick to the activities contained within Amangiri itself (of which there are many), I would not blame you. Not to say that we didn’t love our guided experiences, quite the contrary. But the resort has so much to offer already that should we be lucky enough to return, we would definitely be exploring those onsite options.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about our dining experience at the resort which was a definite highlight of our stay. Your options for dining are very diverse with a set menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner available at the restaurant or if you want to dine in your suite, that choice is always available as well. The staff will make you anything you wish if you don’t see anything you like on the menu as long they have the ingredients on hand and we had an absolutely delicious dinner there on our first evening where they so graciously made us half servings so we could order different items on the menu. Yes, they turned our meal into a tasting experience just for us! But wait, there’s more. I highly recommend having a dinner or two at the restaurant in Camp Sarika, the luxury tented property that is attached to Aman. The menu is changed every night and we really love dining experiences like that so we ended up having the rest of our dinners there. The culinary team led by Chef Young Choi really strives for excellence and we tasted that with every delicious bite. We were so well looked after by the fun and personable Shawn and Brady as well so we always had a cocktail in hand and a smile on our faces!

So in conclusion, I guess I have to answer the question if the resort was worth the hype for us. Well, yes it is. But not for the reasons that you might think. You see, it’s not just the beautiful location or the stunning architecture or the luxurious suite. The amazing amenities and a breathtaking pool. Yes, those things definitely help. But it’s the people who made our stay simply excellent. People like Chef Young and Shawn and Brady. People like Shannon, our experience advisor who helped plan our guided tours. Every staff member who passed and greeted us with a smile and asked if we needed anything. So yes, the beauty and serenity of the resort is worth the trip but the people make it worth the stay. So if you are thinking about it, I’d say go for it and let the resort transport you to another planet where your every need is anticipated and your worries melt away.