January 9, 2020


First post of the year! I hope you guys had a wonderful start to 2020. On our end, we had a really nice and chill holiday season. It was nice to not have any plans, just lounge at home and count down to the New Year.

On a related note, I am one to almost never indulge in self care. This year, I’ve made the decision to pamper myself whenever I can. Giving myself time to work out and to enjoy a facial every other month plus hanging out and having more fun times with my girlfriends. For me, it always seems easier to do all of these things during a slow period/month but when work gets little busier I might lose sight of that. So I have to make the effort to keep that in mind when things get hectic! I’m sure a lot of you guys out there know what I’m talking about. Work and family can take so much out of us that we neglect ourselves.

Although I feel like perhaps on top of sharing countless outfit posts on IG and the blog, maybe I should start documenting my downtime/self care activities a little more and that might get me to take it easy now and then. Do you guys have trouble switching off too?

Coat / Jeans / Sunglasses / Shoes: Alexandre Birman