December 2, 2019


Road trips are great for the soul. The open road, the amazing sights, the weather and the scenery feed the ancient need in all of us, to explore. The Mister, pup and I recently took a fantastic road trip to Zion and Colorado and I just wanted to share the amazing experience starting with our first leg in Zion. I really want to thank Volvo for loaning us an XC90 T8 Inscription because it really came in handy on our drive!

The theme of our trip really was “the seasons” because we experienced 3 of them on our drive! We left L.A during a summer -like heat wave. It was 90+ degrees and as we drove through Las Vegas and got closer to Zion, it started raining. And more amazingly, it started looking like Fall. The leaves, the smells… I loved it! In the rain, Reuben really appreciated the all wheel drive on our Volvo. We felt super safe and not going to lie, I LOVED the massaging seats! Plus, Freddie matched the interior perfectly.

The drive from Vegas to Zion is breathtaking in spots. The mountains really give you sense of perspective. It’s one thing to see them in the distance but you really get a sense of how impressive they are when you’re driving right between them!

We spent the night at Zion Mountain Ranch and to get to it, we had to drive through Zion National Park. I’ll admit that we didn’t do any research about Zion before leaving but a few of you guys told me it would be an unforgettable experience and you know what? It was!

The sheer size of the mountains, the vast scenery and the beautiful colors are indescribable! Zion Mountain Ranch is so peaceful and it’s also a Bison reservation. The good people there are looking after an adorable baby bison named Betty that we got to meet. If you guys were following along on my Insta stories, you would have seen how excited Freddie was to meet her. I think he thought she was another dog! They are hoping to re-introduce her to the local herd soon so if you want to meet her close up, plan a trip ASAP! We spent such a restful night before continuing on to Dunton super early the next morning, so look for Part 2 of this post coming soon!

Brown faux leather Puffer Jacket / Black Combat Boots / Plaid Puffer Jacket / Brown Suede Boots / Black Pants: Zara / Brown Saddle cross body bag