November 19, 2019



As you’re reading this, we are off on yet another road trip, this time to Dunton Hot Springs so stay tuned to my Instagram over the next few days! This post however, is all about our last road trip to another beautiful location, Carmel.

Living in So Cal, we are so blessed to be close to so many different experiences. The old California cliché of “surfing in the morning and skiing in the afternoon” is actually possible, especially this time of the year. Carmel is a laid back and picturesque town to the north of Los Angeles, along the coast. Its a beautiful drive and we actually did PCH for a majority of the drive there and back because even though it adds time to it, you just don’t feel it!

I got a ton of questions on Instagram about where we stayed and that didn’t really surprise me. Vagabond’s House Inn is definitely going to be our go-to whenever we feel the need to get out of LA and relax in Carmel. This charming bed and breakfast is the perfect combination of old world charm and modern amenities. Their newly renovated rooms are still warmly decorated and the bathroom is to die for! Plus, really appreciated the heated bathroom floor in the morning!

But there are so many B&B’s in Carmel and that is part of its charm. No matter what your preference, you’re going to find a great place to stay and all of them are located within walking distance to downtown so pack your walking shoes.

There are so many great options for foodies. Much more than you would think for a town this small. We had an amazing dinner at Seventh and Dolores  (highly recommended!) which was a 5 minute walk from our B&B and pet friendly. Yes, little Freddie was along for the ride and we picked Carmel because of how pet friendly it is. So many restaurants have not only pet friendly patios with heaters, some even have pet friendly sections inside so you can stay extra warm! We also stumbled onto a newer place that had opened a few months earlier called Stationæry. We met the lovely couple who own it and found out that while they are locals, they actually lived in LA for years and they are also owners of an adorable Blenheim Cavalier pup named Henry! Naturally, we bonded immediately ;). But their food is the real star of the place. In fact, we loved it so much that we came back for dinner and then lunch again before heading back to LA.

The next day we did the famous 17 mile drive along Pebble Beach. I had read about it before hand but we were debating until a reader raved about it to me. We are so glad we did it because the coastline views are stunning! There are lots of places to stop and take it in too.

We also took Freddie to the dog friendly beach which unsurprisingly, is basically walking distance from downtown. He utterly loves the beach. And if you guys were following along on Insta Stories, you saw how much. He ran his heart out and said “hi” to everyone there! It warmed our hearts so much to see him have such unbridled fun.

At the end of our trip, on our drive back actually, we were talking about how hard it was to leave and how we have to come back in a few months. We were feeling so relaxed and almost glowing from our Carmel experience that we can’t wait to return. And we are both so thankful that we live relatively close so whenever we feel the need to unplug out of LA, we can jump in the car and head here.


Outfit 1: Leather Aviator Jacket/ Jeans / Boots 

Outfit 2: Denim Jacket / Sneakers 

Outfit 3: Coat / Jeans / Boots