June 4, 2019


Top / Skirt: Zara / Shoes / Bag 

So I have a confession to make. We live about 45 mins away from the beach, yet we don’t go often enough. There’s no good reason for that. I guess we could blame the traffic but to be honest, that’s not a very good excuse. The scenery and the vibe is totally worth a little bit of driving in LA traffic.

Anyway, I’ve  been feeling a little “off” lately and needed a pick-me-up so we decided to spend the day at the beach just cruising, grabbing coffee and hanging out. Of course, while I was there, we took the opportunity to shoot a couple looks (this one and another that I will share soon). I got home feeling so happy and grateful. To me these are the best things life can offer – my husband, just a touch of the sun that finally came out to play, and the ocean breeze. I feel so rejuvenated and refreshed!