January 4, 2019


Welcoming 2019 in this oversized geometric cardigan. Wore this look to lunch with my family last week. I found this on amazon and the deep rich Chocolate/Burgundy tones really caught my eye. Cardigans like these are just no-brainers – pair them with any t-shirt and jeans and you’re ready to run out the door. The only decision you need to make is whether you’d like to dress it up or dress it down with your choice of shoes!

I wore these deep orange pumps from Steve Madden that I also happen to find on Amazon. I know that maybe sometimes shopping on Amazon can be overwhelming with the incredible selection of pieces on the site. So I streamlined the experience by curating a shopping list for you guys and will continue to update it for the seasons. Check it out to find both the cardigan and pumps on there as well as other great pieces!

Wishing all of you a great start to the year and as always I’m forever grateful to all of you for your support for me and my blog 🙂

Cardigan / Jeans / Shoes / Sunglasses