December 28, 2018

My Unexpected Skin Care Secret

Did you know that the skin on your scalp is the same as the skin on your face? I certainly didn’t but it really makes a lot of sense! Reuben has a sensitive scalp and has always sworn by Head & Shoulders as his go to. In the past when we traveled, he would end up with scalp issues thanks to the different climates and Head & Shoulders always came to the rescue! Since using Head & Shoulders, he’s been able to get ahead of the issue and his scalp has been really behaving itself – even on the road! 

 It shouldn’t surprise you guys that my scalp can also act up sometimes thanks to the weather, styling and use of products and working out! Remember it is skin after all and if you don’t look after your skin, you’re going to have issues, especially as we age (ugh!). When it comes to our faces, we all have a skin care regimen to reduce or even prevent damage to our skin and we should apply that same care to our scalp. But a lot of us neglect our scalp because let’s face it, our hair covers it and out of sight, out of mind, right? Good thing that it’s such a breeze to maintain a healthy scalp with the help of Head & Shoulders Deep Moisture Collection.

But wait! I’ve been talking so much about my scalp, how much of an effect does it have on my hair? The Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner moisturizes, rejuvenates, detoxifies, restores balance and neutralizes the scalp which provides a much healthier foundation for hair to grow! I think of it as “future proofing” my hair because caring for my scalp now will ultimately help me maintain beautiful, healthy hair in the future. 

We see words like “moisturize,” “rejuvenate” and “detoxify” in a lot of skin care products. Well, the Head & Shoulders Deep Moisture Collection received a SHAPE  2018 Beauty Award in the Skin Care category which is the first time I’ve seen a shampoo brand be considered skin care, but remember scalp is skin! So I’m really happy to be sharing this award-winning product as part of my skin care routine with you guys! So go out there and get a healthier scalp with this amazing collection at a Target near you! 

 I want to thank Head & Shoulders for partnering with me on this post.