September 13, 2018


Hey Guys! We had a blast this past weekend when the Mister and I were invited to experience San Francisco with Alaska Air. We’ve been to the city many times before and we normally drive (about 6 hours from LA) but now we know flying with Alaska is the way to go! From takeoff, we were on the ground in San Francisco in less than an hour! No need to deal with traffic or parking in the city and I’m pretty sure this is how we are doing it from now on. Download the Alaska Air app and the check in process as well as getting your boarding passes are a breeze! When we got the airport, we dropped off our bag and we were ready to go. And on a short flight, some airlines might compromise good service for speed but not Alaska Air.

Now I know what some of you might be thinking. “Alaska Air only flies to Alaska right?” Or maybe you guys might think they only do short flights up and down the west coast. In reality, their routes are varied and far reaching! From flights to Chicago (we are already planning a trip there!) to Hawaii, and even international flights to Costa Rica and Mexico!

From the airport, we made our way to our home for the weekend – The Proper Hotel San Francisco. Being our first time at this property, we were really excited. And our first impressions didn’t disappoint! When we checked in, we snuck a look at the lobby bar and had to have a quick drink with our friends and fellow blogger/photog couple Kristine and Steve. If your guests feel compelled to order a drink before heading to their rooms to freshen up, your bar game is strong!

 We did get to our room eventually and we were really struck by the decor. As you can see by the images, Great lines and patterns on the walls and tasteful furnishings really tie everything together. Really, the entire property is like that. The hotel also boasts one of the best rooftop bars in the city so don’t forget to stop by for some awesome views of the city.

The great thing about San Francisco is how diverse the different neighborhoods feel. The Mission, Russian Hill, Nob Hill, Hayes Valley, (the list goes on!) all have a unique vibe and I wanted to focus on a few favorites from the neighborhoods we hit up on this trip.

The Mission

So much color and vibrancy! Amazing artwork surrounds you and that energy is also in the air thanks to the fabulous eateries in the area. I would recommend Curio for Happy Hour and with a concert venue next door and the stage actually visible from the bar, maybe stay for dinner and a show! Or if pizza is more your jam, head to Mozzeria where your pies are prepared in a genuine Steffano Ferrara oven! Not only are the Neapolitan style pizzas utterly delicious but the restaurant hires people from the deaf community and is committed to providing opportunities to people with hearing impairment plus I really wanted to try their famous Peking duck pizza so I was eager to stop by. I suggest you guys do as well!


If you’re on the hunt for vintage pieces then this is your spot. So many stores so you can’t miss but here are my highlights : Relic Vintage, Static Vintage and Love Street. And the vintage finds aren’t just on the hangers in stores because this part of the city feels like it is in a permanent time warp and its still the 60s/70s! This is a great place for people watching and on a beautiful day, you have so many coffeeshops to do just that!

Hayes Valley

This is a new spot for us. So many of our SF friends recommended this neighborhood and for no good reason, we waited till this trip to visit! We have been missing out guys! So many amazing boutiques, eateries and bars! For us, Absinthe Brasserie & Bar was a definite must for lunch and a cocktail. This is a beautiful part of the city and I told the Mister it reminds me so much of the West Village so that’s probably why it is such a fav of mine! I honestly can’t wait to go back!



Unfortunately, all great trips have to end sometime and our friends at Shopstyle and Alaska really know how to end a trip. Sausalito is just across The Golden Gate Bridge and has the feel of a sleepy town but is actually a great place to unwind just minutes from San Francisco. Brunch at Bar Bocce with its stunning views of the city was the perfect way to cap off our trip and definitely something that should be on your to do list as well!

I hope you guys enjoyed my SF travel diary and I want to thank Alaska Air, The Proper Hotel San Francisco and Shopstyle for partnering with me on this post.