March 23, 2018



It never stops! We’ve been in our new place for nearly 6 months and we’re still looking for furniture and decor pieces. I keep getting inspired to decorate little nooks and corners of our place so we were thrilled Z Gallerie invited us down to their Beverly Hills location to check out their new collection.

Earlier that week I took a peek at their Spring Lookbook and loved what I saw! In fact, I picked out 5 of my favs right here. As you can see by some of the pictures on this post, Geometry/Architectural Shapes is the theme I am looking to explore and right away I have to say that those wine glasses are to die for!! Z Gallerie really spoils you for choice, whether it’s smaller accent pieces you’re looking at or furniture. I saw so many things that I wanted to take home with me!

We ended up getting a few pieces for our bedroom “style-nook” and some of you might have already seen it in my Insta Stories. For those of you that haven’t, fear not because I really love how everything came together and I have this feeling you guys are going to be seeing a lot of it soon enough!