March 19, 2018


Happy Monday you guys, I am so excited to share this post with you!! Some of you who have been following me since early on would have seen me post a ton of vintage finds in the past.  Along the way in the last few years I let that drop a little bit as contemporary trends caught my eye. I still had a big passion for vintage finds so I never stopped looking! One of the great things when it comes to vintage shopping is that I always seem get lucky with finding petite sizes. Well, the last few weeks, I had some time in my hands so I decided to ditch mall shopping for a minute and checked out some vintage stores I had not been to in a while.

I was so glad I did because in all my years of vintage shopping I don’t think I’ve ever scored anything as fabulous as this unicorn colored blazer. It was $5 dollars. Yes, you read that right. $5!!! My jaw dropped when the store owner told me the price. The condition of this blazer is PRISTINE! This has to be the best ever fashion purchase in my life! It’s so crazy that the littlest thing that only cost me $5 made me smile all day! I couldn’t believe it and now looking back at the shoot, I STILL can’t believe it!! I love my Unicorn Blazer so much!!

Blazer: Vintage / Jeans / Bag (On sale) / Shoes ( on sale)