November 16, 2017


Thank you to Hotel Indigo and Shopstyle for partnering on this post

Living out of boxes can get old real fast. We’ve been doing it for 2 weeks as our furniture is finally starting to arrive but we’re still in the midst of controlled chaos. The Mister and I wanted a couple of days where we could take our minds off the move so the timing for an LA staycation couldn’t have been any better!

Downtown LA was a part of the city that we were giving serious consideration to moving into so it was funny that our choice of hotel to escape for a few days was Hotel Indigo. The property is located in a prime location (seriously guys, a 3 minute walk to Staples and LA Live?!) and sports fans/concert goers, you guys are going to want to check this hotel out! We’ve been to a few shows and events at Staples Center and the hassle to get there whether you’re driving or being dropped off is crazy! So imagine being able to take a leisurely stroll to the venue and not have to deal with all that stress.

The hotel itself has such a welcoming and friendly vibe from the moment you walk in. Most of us would notice the front desk first but my Mister’s attention was immediately grabbed by the bar! After a quick check in we walked into our room and the light was just screaming for us to do a shoot. Plus the view (swoon!) was enough to divert the Mister’s attention and inspire him to grab his camera.

We had to have a drink and a snack before heading out to take a walk around the neighborhood. Of course we’re familiar with the area as there are quite a few amazing restaurants in the vicinity including one of our favs in LA (Faith and Flower) but most of the time, we’re driving to dinner and heading home right after. So it was quite refreshing to walk around and see the neighborhood on foot for once. We were also just 5 minutes away from Fig&7th which is home to both a Zara and a H&M so naturally that was my first destination. With shopping bags in tow, we headed back to the hotel for dinner and of course my Mister’s customary Old Fashioned before bedtime.

We really loved our time at Hotel Indigo and our stay was so refreshing, which was exactly what we needed. Now wish us luck as we dive back with renewed gusto into making our place into a home before the holidays are upon us!

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