August 25, 2017


Happy Friday you guys! I’ll admit I really take the fact that we live somewhat close to the beach for granted. I’m not totally a beach kind of girl but when I am there, I have so much fun. We were sweltering during a LA heatwave and in a spur of the moment, decided to head to the beach to cool off. So we packed our new beach towel that Snowe sent me and a few other must haves, like my Fresh Sugar Sport treatment SPF 30 for face, eyes and lips and also HINTS spf 30 sunscreen. Since we went a little late, the sun wasn’t as brutal and the temperature was just perfect so we hung all the way till almost past sunset. As I’m writing this, the yearning to head back to the beach is starting to build and we have another heatwave on the way so it looks like we have a visit coming up!

On another note, if you are looking for an amazing beach towel, this striped beach towel from SNOWE is a new favorite of mine and they are offering a 10% discount to all you guys, just enter “walkinwonderland” at check out and start planning your own beach day!

Swimsuit / Sweater / Shorts / Shoes (on sale) / Sunglasses / Fresh Sugar sport treatment / Snowe Beach Towel