August 17, 2017


A lot of you have already seen me post looks featuring these hot pink mules from Balenciaga a bunch of times on my Instagram channel. I bought these a few weeks before leaving for NYC in July and kept them in the box for almost 2 weeks contemplating if I should return them. I was worried the color would be too loud to style and wasn’t sure if I would wear them enough to justify the purchase but the more I kept seeing them, the more I wanted to keep them. I realized that with my style, usually in monochromatic or in neutral tones, styling them wouldn’t be as big a problem for me as I initially thought. So I finally made up my mind and debuted them in NYC and yup, no regrets at all!

Jacket: Zara ( Fall 2017) / Jeans: Vintage Gap / Vest / Mules: Balenciaga knife Mules