May 18, 2017


As much as I love linen, I always have issues dealing with creases. The jacket was fine but unfortunately not the jumpsuit. But I loved it so much so I tried to ignore it but if you guys know a trick, please share it with us in the comments below!  I really detest crumpled clothing. Something about it makes it feel a little sloppy to me but maybe it’s just me being OCD with my outfits 😉

I just had my 2nd wisdom tooth removed because it was giving me problems with a gum infection but I’m feeling so much better. I’ve also been dealing with a slight skin issue, not sure if it’s eczema or a rash but I am not too worried as I’m sure it’ll be gone in a few days. Thank goodness for good foundation, which I’ll share more of soon so stay tuned!

Jumpsuit / Linen Coat / Heels (Black and Grey) / Bag