April 20, 2017


Yayyyyy! It’s FRIDAY and Mama Wonderland is in town for a visit! So excited to have around again. Last year she was such a trooper traveling everywhere with us and yesterday was the hubby’s birthday and she joined us for drinks at one of our favorite bars in the neighbourbood. She sipped little bit of my cocktail and then ordered a cuppucino..hehe.

Anyways onto the outfit, how freaking cool is this pink track suit?! I thought it’d be fun to go monochromatic by wearing all pink except the bag, so I picked a nude colored one to complement. Wore it to run errands and pick up some groceries at Traders Joe’s and I knew this suit was such a winner when I had 2 girls come up to me and asked where I got it.

Cropped Sweatpants / Sweatshirt / Shoes / Bag