April 11, 2017


Random, I know but I thought it was fun to switch things up here a little and let you guys in on some fun stories about me so I decided to play “Have I ever?” Just with 5 questions because I am quite an introvert but maybe we can do this monthly? What do you guys think? Of course, please share as well if any of these questions resonated with you guys as well.

1. Have I ever snucked into a movie?

Yes, as a kid. A girlfriend and I snuck into the cinema to watch Forest Gump! I had already seen the movie 5 times (its still my fav!) and I was reluctant to buy another ticket with my weekly allowance so…;)

2. Have I ever shoplifted?

Yes, shamefully I have to admit I have but in my sheepish defense, I was a little girl! For no good reason, I was super obsessed with pens when I was about 7 years old. Weird I know, so much so that my mum used to say I would probably marry into a family who owns their on bookstore so my dreams would come true and I would have the world’s biggest pen collection. Anyways, I stole a pen from a bookstore in school but felt so guilty that I confessed to my mum and she made me take it back the next day. After my mum explained to the owner what I had done and why, he looked down and smiled then gave me a five pack of pens but made me promise to never steal again!

3. Have I ever thought I was going to drown.

Yes, I cannot swim to save my life till today! I took swimming lessons as a kid but could never float but for some reason, decided to volunteer to particpate in a swimming competition. 20 seconds into back stroke thinking that I was actually doing it right I started sinking and a lifeguard had to save me.

4. Have I ever had braces

Yes, I did! I had a front tooth that was uneven so my mum forced me to get braces. I hated them at the time but now, I can’t thank her enough!

5. Have I ever regifted something that you received as a gift?

Ooops, yes! But then I’m sure I’m not the only one out there, right guys? 😉

Shirt / Jeans :Vintage Gap (Similar) / Shoes / Bag / Scarf: Rebecca Minkoff