March 21, 2017


Yes, one more snowy getaway. But with the amazing amount of powder we’ve been getting in California, can you blame me!? I was lucky enough to have been invited to spend a couple days at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe and continue my recent snow adventures! The property is located on some of the most pristine slopes in the state and as you can see by the pics, we could have gone right from our room and onto the slopes in seconds. With Northstar on premises, renting equipment or buying any gear you want could not be any more convenient. The hotel itself exudes such a warm and welcoming vibe. Just a couple lovely touches I wanted to mention are the complimentary marshmallow toasting/smores hour as the sun sets and the adorable teddy bear the staff hide around the property every day for kids to find in exchange for prizes! Honestly, the hotel is jam packed with activities and choices for food and drinks that the only time you want to leave is to get some snow on your skis or snowboard.

Which brings me to a little bit of a story to tell about this trip. Until then I had never put on a pair of skis before, let alone hurtled down the side of a mountain! Before heading to Lake Tahoe, I picked tubing for an activity to sample while at the resort which I have to say it is heaping huge pile of fun and I highly recommend! Well, we had the opportunity to have lunch with a skiing legend, Billy Kidd who is an Olympic medalist and World Champion and when he found out I had never skied before, he convinced me to book a lesson the very next day and give it a try before leaving for the airport to head home. Northstar were nice enough to arrange everything for me last minute (thanks Marcie!) and with some borrowed gear (thanks Robin!) I was ready to go!

The only thing that stopped me from trying to ski in the past has been my fear of falling. Billy said the only danger would be me falling in love with skiing and boy was he right! I couldn’t believe how much fun I had and I’ve been beating myself up a little bit for not taking a lesson earlier but thanks to the hospitality of the wonderful people at both the Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe and Northstar, (plus a little bit of a pep talk from a skiing World Champion/Olympian) I got to experience something amazing and start my process to learning a new skill.

P.S I think the Mister is a little jealous now that I’m a better skier than he is. šŸ˜‰