March 10, 2017


I’m sure a lot of you don’t know this about me, but I love the snow! Ok, for you guys who follow me on Insta, that isn’t so much of a surprise. Despite that, I’ve never taken a trip to a ski resort and have never even tried on, let alone slid down a mountain in skis. So of course I’d never been to Aspen before. Well, that was my loss! Anyways, we put together a travel diary but we loved it so much and took so many pics and vids, we had to split it up into 2 parts so here’s part 1. Look out for part 2 in a few days!

Last week, the Mister and I got a chance to not only spend some time in this quaint snow-filled playground of a town but stay at the iconic Hotel Jerome. Located on Main Street in downtown Aspen, there simply is no better location for the avid skier/snowboarder or girl who loves jumping into fresh powdery snow (that would be me). Aspen is basically heaven for winter sports, I mean there are world class slopes just minutes from the airport. You could walk down the steps from your airplane, pick up your skis and walk to a lift!

After we checked in, the fantastic staff at Hotel Jerome advised us to enjoy the sun as there was a minor winter storm approaching and was scheduled to hit later on the next day. We had list of great suggestions from my blogger buddy Jess Ann Kirby who said that Aspen (or Ajax to the locals) Mountain was the place to be for breathtaking views. We decided that was going to be our lunch destination for the day and walked a few blocks to the gondolas that would take us to the peak and jumped into the first vacant car! Aspen is an already high 8000 feet so of course heading up another 3000+ feet is going to feature some amazing views of downtown Aspen.

But here is where I must caution you guys that you need to prepare for the altitude. It is no joke! Thankfully, we were very well hydrated which helped a great deal but we still felt some lingering effects during our time up at the peak. But the views are worth it!

When the snow started falling the next day, we took advantage of the warmth and hospitality of Hotel Jerome. I’ve said it time and again but as nice as a hotel might be, its the staff who make it an experience. Make no mistake, the hotel is an amazing place to be. Whether it’s sipping a nice seasonal cocktail at The Living Room bar or enjoying a warm meal in either The Prospect Restaurant or The J Bar. But the staff go above and beyond to ensure that your stay is comfortable and relaxing. I had to drag the Mister from the hotel as he was so comfortable and wanted to hibernate with an Old Fashioned in his hand but we had no time for that because this gal wanted to play in the snow!

One last tip before I conclude Part 1, try the amazing fish sandwich at The White House Tavern. Just around the block from The Hotel Jerome, this intimately sized eatery is definitely a foodie attraction for both locals and tourists. We were lucky enough to get seating at the bar and couldn’t wait to get our order in! From the first bite, we were raving about how good our food was! So this is definitely a must eat at location if you’re in the area.

Alright guys, keep a look out for Part 2 in the coming days with more pics and a short vid (our first one!) See you soon!

Location: Aspen, Colorado / Hotel Jerome

Airport Outfit: Jacket: RD Style /  Away Luggage ( large and carry on size)  and Rag and Bone Weekender

outfit 1: Green Hoodie Jacket: Zara / Jeans: Madewell / Backpack: Madewell / Ear Muffs: UGG / Tan Lace up boots: Timberland / Sunnies: WestWard Leaning

outfit 2: Winter Coat: Moose Knuckles / Sweater: And Other Stories / Boots: UGG / Bag: YSL / Beanie: Bless Box