January 16, 2017


Hey guys! I’ve been getting loads of compliments on my hair in the comments in some of my recent posts and I wanted to talk about a new product from Pantene that I’ve started using that is already having an amazing effect.

As you guys already probably know, Pantene is my go-to brand when it comes to hair care. I’ve been using their products for ages (even before blogging) but, their new Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo has been a dream come true! The shampoo lathers so luxuriously and I can’t help but notice how smooth and shiny my hair is as I’m styling it for the day. In the past I’ve tried to avoid washing my hair every day because other shampoos can drain my hair of its natural nutrients leaving it feeling dry and brittle. But with the new formulas within most of Pantene’s base shampoos, that is a thing of the past. I can wash my hair more often and my hair feels fresh, even with my constant styling and use of styling products!

I also wanted to share a great hair hack that I picked up a few months ago. Good hair days sometimes feel few and far between and a lot of us girls feel more invigorated when we love the look of our hair. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be a challenge in the morning to get our hair to cooperate. Well, besides using the new Pantene shampoo, I’ve also switched my cotton pillow covers from cotton to satin. Cotton is abrasive and that’s why we wake up with bed-head the next morning while satin allows your hair to move freely and also doesn’t absorb your natural moisture as much as cotton does. Silk which unlike satin is a natural material, is also a much better alternative to cotton but tends to be more expensive and harder to maintain. If you style your hair a lot, have more curly locks, or your hair is on the dry side then this hack is going to have a major positive effect on fueling your next good hair day.

Shampoo and Conditioner / Top / Jeans: Zara(old)

Thank you to Pantene for partnering on this post