October 11, 2016


alice-and-olive-kindness-sweater-3 alice-and-olive-kindness-sweater-1 alice-and-olive-kindness-sweater-6 alice-and-olive-kindness-sweater-4 alice-and-olive-kindness-sweater-8 alice-and-olive-kindness-sweater-5 alice-and-olive-kindness-sweater-2

Kindness! Such a powerful word isn’t it? Well, I think the world needs a big dose of it more than ever so I’m happy to express that in my outfit! I firmly believe that it we were just a little bit kinder to each other, our little green and blue planet would spin just that little bit more smoothly. I hope everyone out there has a great day!

Also, Shopbop is having their Event of the Season sale right now for only 3 days! So don’t forget to check it out. Good time to stock up on that cozy sweaters.



Sweater: Alice and Olivia / Jeans: Tularosa / Clutch: Emm Kuo / Shoes: Neil J Rodgers