September 2, 2016


EMU - Sheryl - Edited 5-1

EMU - Sheryl - Edited-1

EMU - Sheryl - Edited-1-2

EMU - Scenery - Edited-2

EMU - Group - Edited-1

EMU - Group - Edited-10

EMU - Group - Edited-15

EMU - Group - Edited-20

EMU - Sheryl - Edited-1-3

EMU - Group - Edited-25

EMU - Sheryl - Edited-1-5

EMU - Sheryl - Edited 17-1

EMU - Sheryl - Edited 18-1

EMU - Sheryl - Edited-1-6

EMU - Sheryl - Edited 20-1

EMU - Scenery - Edited-16

EMU - Scenery - Edited-20

EMU - Sheryl - Edited 26-1

EMU - Sheryl - Edited 27-1

EMU - Shoe Shots - Edited-40

There is always a first time for everything in life. This trip to Alaska was one filled with firsts. Be it rafting to, hiking up or in fact seeing a glacier up close to dog sledding, snuggling with newborn puppies and riding in a helicopter and we did all that in ONE DAY! These were some of the greatest experiences in my life and it was all thanks to Emu Australia.

As you can tell from most of my images, it goes without saying that Alaska is just AMAZING!! I’ve seen moments on National Geographic when they feature the state and a lot of the footage looks otherworldly. I have even fantasized about what it would feel like being there up on a glacier and to experience nature at its purest. All in the perfect shoes, of course! 🙂

Which is a great way to tell you guys about Emu Australia, an iconic name in fashionable and functional footwear but honestly, I’ve never owned a pair and through this journey I got to experience their amazing gear for the first time as me and 3 other blogger pals really put em’ through their paces. I definitely had a “where have you been all my life” moment by the end of day 1! My favorite has got to be the Winton boots in Indigo as it’s something I’d totally see myself wearing them whether I’m on an adventure trip or not. The hiking boots were lifesavers too because my feet get cold so easily but thanks to Emu Australia, they felt all warm and cosy even as I was huffing and puffing by mile 1 on our hike!

I was lucky enough to have the Mister with us as the official photographer and he couldn’t stop shooting even as rainy weather was upon us. In fact, none of us let the rain put a damper on our experience but then I think Alaska seems to have that effect on everyone. I can’t help but look back on these pics and I can still feel the cool, fresh air and hear the glacier shifting slightly. We will both never forget this trip and we can’t wait to think of a reason to go back!

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