July 24, 2016

Being Comfydent with Hanes

Hanes -Underwear - Post 1-11

Hanes -Underwear - Post 1-2

Hanes -Underwear - Post 1-flatlays-12

Hanes -Underwear - Post 1-flatlays-1

Hanes -Underwear - Post 1-7

Hanes -Underwear - Post 1-9

Hanes -Underwear - Post 1-14

Hanes -Underwear - Post 1-22

Hanes -Underwear - Post 1-flatlays-8

Hey guys! So excited to be partnering up with Hanes to talk to you about my secret to feeling “comfydent”! You guys know how much I love to rock a pair of boyfriend jeans and a flow-y top. Well, my Cool Comfort Sporty Boyshort Panties keep me feeling comfortable all day even as we are in the height of summer and the temps are soaring. I can’t help but feel confident even as I’m rushing from meeting to meeting during the day and straight to date night with the hubs because I know Hanes has my back, literally. So what about you guys? What makes you feel comfydent?

Thank you Hanes for Partnering on this post