February 10, 2016


So excited to be partnering with Dove on this post talking about a really fun event that was centered around their amazing new Dry Spray Antiperspirants which goes on instantly dry without any visible residue and helps smoothen and soften underarms. My blogger pals and I had a fun filled day ahead of us.
We started off with a scrumptious lunch at the new retro chic restaurant Vivane at the Avalon hotel where we also got to chatting a little bit about fashion and beauty trends we all were looking out for in 2016. I loved hearing all the different perspectives and adding my own opinions into the mix. These girls definitely knew what they were talking about! 
After lunch, we popped into Enamel Diction which is so much more than a chic nail salon. You get your own “Color Astrology” reading which uses your personalized birth chart to determine what colors suit your goals and aspirations. The cool thing about my reading was that I was already favoring the colors that my color astrologer Rose picked out for me! We also got to sample all the new fragrances that Dove are introducing in their Dry Spray Antiperspirants. My personal fav is the Soothing Chamomile which has been my go-to since picking it up. 
 Finally, we headed over to Satine, an LA based high-end fashion boutique for a mini shopping experience. Besides being treated to champagne and macaroons, I got to pick out a cute clutch to take home with me.  And at the end of a full day, I still felt fresh thanks to my Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant.