July 4, 2015


We hadn’t had any sleep the night before arriving in Chicago because our flight from LA departed at 6am and Mr Wonderland being the worrier that he is about flying during 4th of July weekend made sure we left our place at 3 am. Of course, we ran into ZERO traffic and had nearly 2 hours to kill when we got to LAX! 
But the great thing about exploring a new city is all that walking keeps the blood pumping so the coffee flowing in our veins wasn’t the only thing keeping us alert and active. After a shoot and light lunch at the fantastic Elle on the River at The Langham, we took a cab to Lincoln Park. Its such a beautiful neighborhood with so many picturesque homes, stores, restaurants and coffee shops.  
 Dinner at GT Fish & Oyster proved to be a particular highlight of our time in Chicago thus far. Again, follow me on Instagram and Snap chat to keep up with our adventures exploring Chicago.