May 4, 2015


I love New York. Simple as that. Every time I visit, no matter how long I’m there for, I always feel like I could use a few more days in the city. Last week, I flew in to take a few meetings, do some photo shoots and just enjoy my favorite things about New York City. I partnered up with the beautiful Park Central Hotel in Midtown during my stay there and loved it! The hotel is located in a prime spot and is a couple of blocks away from some of the most popular attractions in the city like Times Square and Central Park. With the subway just a minute’s walk from the lobby, the rest of the city is just a train ride away. 
Speaking of the lobby, I love the lounge area just behind the check in desk. We got to the hotel early in the day and our room was not quite ready yet so we decided to grab a coffee and chill while waiting to check in. The design and architecture is definitely a throw back to the Big Band jazz era of the city and we were told that it used to be one of the go-to clubs of the time. For the rest of our stay, we made it a point to start our evenings with a drink at the bar.
After checking in and getting settled into our fantastic room, I took a moment to enjoy the beautiful views. The city never sleeps but coming in on the red eye, I was fighting tiredness so I needed to take a second to recharge and I don’t know if it was the buzz from the coffee or the activity below us, but it didn’t take long for me to feel energized again! 
Much of our first day was spent taking a nice, relaxing stroll in Central park which was just a couple blocks from The Park Central. Spring was just starting to show its head around the city and I really wanted to take advantage of that by being outside as much as possible. With meetings and shoots scheduled for the next few days, I couldn’t think of a better way to start my week in the city.