June 10, 2014


Dress: Target / Blazer: Greylin / Hat: Target / Bag: Cynthia Vincent / Shoes: Urban Outfitters / Sunglasses: TOMS / LipColor: Aria by Stila Cosmetics
Here’s one of the rare moments you’ll see me in a dress. I am definitely more of a separates kinda girl, but every now and then when I am in the right mood, a dress is the best option. It’s easy when you are planning on running errands all day plus the added convenience when trying clothes on in the dressing room (girls you know what I am talking about!).
This dress in particular caught my eye in Target because of the stripes and the “ruching” on the side. Its always a plus since most often they flatter a women’s body. Lastly, I kept a chambray blazer in hand for when it cools down down in the evening.

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This post was brought to you by Target