March 12, 2014


I would’t claim to be a wine expert by any stretch so when Bev Mo invited me to their new store opening in Riverside,CA for a wine tasting event, I was stoked! I generally have a sweet tooth and prefer white wine to red, so I’m always in search of a good, light tasting wine. I got to meet and chat with Mr Wilfred Wong, Bev Mo’s Cellar Master who’s been in the industry over 40 years. He gave us a deeper insight to understanding wine tasting and what types of food would pair best, which has increased my appreciation of good wine and what I prefer when I am out dining or at home having a movie night.Ā 
And with my newly acquired skills, off I go to stock up on Pinot Grigio šŸ˜‰ since Bev Mo is now having their famous 5 Cent wine sale, Buy any wine at regular price and get the 2nd (select wines) for 5 cents but you must be a Bev Mo member. Don’t fret if you not completely satisfied with your wine selection because Bev Mo will be happy to exchange or refund your purchase with a receipt.
Here’s a list of Wilfred’s Top 10 favorites from the 5 cents sale to help you decide.
Enjoy!! xx