February 22, 2014


 Jeans: Hayden soft BF Jeans via Topshop / Bag: Marciano / Shoes: Topshop  / 
Sunglasses: ChilliBeans / Jewelry: Ted Rossi and Vanessa Mooney 
Notice anything new with my hair? A haircut was long overdue, so yesterday I went to visit Ms Mika Fowler, a celebrity hairstylist for Olivia Munn, Emma Roberts, Rosario Dawson and more at The Kim Vo Salon at Montage, Beverly Hills. Mika specializes in Dry cut where she cuts my hair after it gets a wash and blow-dry. I love my long hair so I decided to only trim 3 inches away to keep the ends healthy and give it a little less weight. Finally after 18months since my last visit to Mika, I feel light and refreshed.
Hope you guys are having a great weekend!