October 3, 2013


Another recurring trend that I got to see at the Target Fashion Show was “embellished”.
So I decided to put my spin on the look. 
 I picked this sweater because it has a embellished motif. I really like how the chain link like pattern is subtle yet makes a statement. Since we are so close to the weekend, I would style it with a pair of slouchy jeans in a light wash and with a slight distress for an edgy and effortless feel. I opted for a pair of leopard flats that scream “sassiness” and did you notice the minimal stud detailing on the shoes? I truly like the subtlety of this look yet it still makes a statement. 
If I needed to dress this outfit up alittle, I would switch to these dark green heels with gold metal detailing. The rest of the items are just pieces that complement the entire look. Would totally work for a  Sunday brunch with your loved ones.
I happen to own one of these pieces and am planning to wear over it the weekend, can you guess which one? To find out, follow me on Instagram and you’ll def see me wearing it 🙂

Shop the look below 🙂 

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