October 20, 2013


Photo credit: Pinterest

I am feeling slightly under the weather right now so for this post, I decided to check out some nail art photos for inspiration, and to distract me from my aches and pains :(. This Fall and Winter, I’ve been feeling the B&B = blues and burgundy tones.
The above nail art puts a fun twist on the original french manicure. Apply a dusky Turquoise across the whole nail and when dry sweep a navy blue in one steady stroke across tip of nails from one side to the other.
Photo credit: The Illustrated Nail

This one on the other hand is pretty “FIERCE”. Using a nail glue to apply metallic studs all over matte-finished black nails for a Punk-Tastic look, especially now when we are re-creating the 90s Grunge. Perfect nail art for Halloween too right?
Photo credit: Pinterest
This one’s all about exploring geometric prints, rhinestone decorations and diamond designs. This is where you can get totally creative and do something different on every nail while still sticking to one to two nail color theme/s.
Now, get your creativity cracking, have some fun playing with colors, patterns, etc etc. You mess up, you do it again right? ūüėȬ†

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