November 16, 2010

Beautiful Autumn

This past week, I couldn’t ask for more. Perfect weather, best breakfast and a busy week but in a good way!! These photos were taken sometime last week but I did not get time to post. We went out for breakfast at Aroma Cafe near Studio City which is by far my fav!! I love this little area as it’s a stretch of cozy cafes, funky antique shops and chic retailers just a few blocks from frantic energy of Venture Boulevard. I’d say it’s a little bit of Greenwich Village right here in the valley. 

Finally, I said goodbye to an 8 year relationship with my long hair. I had a haircut this week and I am pretty psyched to show you my pictures coming up in just a few days. 

Wearing, pants from F21, knit sweater from wasteland, jewelry from Singapore, shoes from Charles and Ketih ( a store in Singapore)