I am finally starting to feel the holiday spirit. Can’t believe how it totally sneaked up on me. I’ve had quite a busy month and barely even realized my birthday is just 4 days away. Which means that while it took a while, I am totally caught up in the wave of good energy! For this post, I’ve partnered with Topshop to style an outfit that you guys can rock at your festive office party.

Topshop has so many amazing pieces but this dress really stood out for me because of it’s “vintage” look. The color and details totally add to a sense of fun, as does the way it moves. I love how the fabric is so light and flow-y that it glides with me as I walk. Throw on a blazer, jacket or heavy coat if you need to keep warm as temps start to dip and thanks to the adorable (faux)furry bag, you’re still in a festive frame of mind! You can’t help but be the life of the party in this stunner and the great thing is that Topshop has a ton of options online and in stores to fit any style so check them out!

Dress / Bag 

Thank you Topshop for partnering on this post