Hey guys, here’s another entry into a fun category I like to call “2 Way Tuesday”. As some of you might know, my mom was visiting us and we were lucky enough to do quite a bit of traveling so there is a bit of a gap between this and my last 2 Way Tuesday post but now, I want to keep this post theme a fortnightly thing. Check out my first 2 Way Tuesday post here.

Look 1: Tank / Jeans / Shoes: ALDO / WaistCoat 

Look 2: Leather Jacket

Anyways, I kept the base of this outfit exactly the same and only switched out the outerwear. The first look with the beaded embroidery waist coat gives it a more daytime look with a boho nod. I switched out the waist coat for my favorite blush pink leather jacket from All Saints for an evening, more edgy look. On a related note, I’ve been noticing a bit of an embroidery trend going on this Summer and I’ve already had my eye on a pair of mom jeans with some embroidery on it.

Tell me what you think of these 2 looks, which do you prefer or should I say, which look is more YOU?