July 2, 2012


Top: Lush / Vest: Understar ( buy it here ) / Anarchy knit leggings: c/o Denimocracy / Jewelry: Electric bracelet c/o Hautebetts and California Pendant necklace c/o Maya Brenner / Shoes: Aldo / Sunnies : The Caravan

Now here’s the deal, Denimocracy was kind enough to offer one lucky reader a chance to win a pair of  Anarchy knit leggings in the color of their choice (more colors available on their site). 

All you need to do to enter is:
1) Like Denimocracy on Facebook HERE
2) Follow Denimocracy on Twitter HERE
3) Follow Walk In Wonderland on Google Friend Connect / Bloglovin
4) Leave a comment on this post with your choice of color and why you chose that color 
5) Leave your email address so we can notify you if you win

Enter contest from now through 6 July 2012 and winner will be announced on Monday 9 July 2012
( open to US residents only)





  • Liked the FB page and followed the twitter as @priscillaphits –
    and following you on bloglovin!
    I would choose the minty color. I tend to wear too much black in my outfits and I’d like to introduce a new pants color to my wardrobe! 🙂

  • I love this! The light top with the bright jeans is so gorgeous!

  • Hiiii 🙂

    I like the facebook page, follow the twitter as @NavyNoemie and i follow you with google friend connect !
    I’d love to win the minty one, it’s so gorgeous and i have so many ideas to style it !

    My email : noh_web@hotmail.fr

    Much love xx

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google connect & Bloglovin… OK!!

    Norma Gpe. Chavez

    Favorite Denimocracy: ORANGE


  • Liked Denimocracy on FB and follow on twitter @DonnaJustine
    Follow you on GFC
    Your outfit is absolutely amazing and the choice of colors is great too, but I would actually choose classic black. I feel I can never have enough black and I love testing the waters of a new brand with a basic color.

  • I like Denimocracy on Facebook.
    (I don’t have a twitter account.)
    I follow Walk In Wonderland on Google Friend Connect.
    I would pick the black leggings because of the versatility and the ability to create so many different outfits with them.
    email countryq733@gmail.com

  • FJ

    I totally love this outfit.

  • what an awesome giveaway!
    I liked Denimocracy on fb and followed them on twitter (@addledeyes).
    I follow you on bloglovin.
    I would choose the Crocodile-Rock color (green). I love wearing bright colors all year round, and matching them with unique prints or colors. These would look great with a coral blouse or light lavendar tank!

    My email is: sbrennan@ufl.edu/sara.a.brennan@gmail.com

  • All done ! (my FB name is Marie-Eve Legault and twitter @aprettynest).

    I just think the Groovy-Baby hue is perfection ! I just need more yellow in my life !

    a dot pretty dot nest at gmail dot com

  • All done! And I’m already following you via Google!

    I would love the Blue-Bang. They just look amazing! And I’ve been looking for such pants for a VERY long time (and look! here they are!). They would totally suit my style, and what’s more important you could pair them with something casual or fancy!




  • OMG, YOU ARE IDEAL! you have great style, you are so beautiful and pic are perfect!

  • Totally stoked about this giveaway.
    Liked Denimocracy on facebook
    Follow them on twitter @petitepiubella
    Follow u on google and bloglovin

    I simply love the whole outfit on this post, so I would like to get the ORANGE leggings. Im all about bright fun colors on summertime 🙂

    My e-mail is adagabriela23@gmail.com

    Thank u so much for the giveaway, lots of love


  • I would choose cherry because red is such a power color, yet I have almost no red in my wardrobe – I think I should change that!

    <3 Melissa

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  • Following everywhere.

    I think that I would love the Slate colour as that would be the best colour fit for my current wardrobe.


    Miss Bias 🙂

  • I love them in Crocodile-Rock I think in that color they are more chick.

  • Gorgeous Pants. Looks stunning
    xo, Petra


  • Hi ! Love your blog and those jeans! I’d choose the minty color because my closet is such a drab with all of the dark colors I wear so I think adding a light-colored jean could mix it up a bit!


    xx love ya!

  • Following/liked. LOVE everything! The orange looks so good on you. I’d love the mint ones if I won:) I love that color. It’s been one of my favorites since i was a child. it would really be a nice pop of color denim for my wardrobe:)

  • Hi! lover you blog, its amazing!

    I’d choose the minty jeans bc my closet has WAY too many dark colors in it and I’m hoping that a bright-colored jean could mix it up a bit!



    love ya xx!

  • Done on all counts love! DYING over that red hot number…the perfect mix of comfort and high fashion ;D Love these babies!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • Great color Sheryl! That’s my favorite tone of orange 🙂 Hope you and the hubby are well!

  • Such a great giveaway!! I’m already following you and now I’m following Denimocracy as well 🙂
    My favorite pair is the purple ones — so cute!!
    My email is alihutch@gmail.com

    xoxo Alison

  • such a cool look! 🙂
    love the jeans!! 😀 and the photos!! 😀 you’re so gorgeous my dear!! 😀

    Visit my blog: http://bebe-doll.net

  • I’m having a dillema between crocodile rock and tang colour, but I think I’ll go with the tang if I win because it’s so bright and doesn’t ask from much details and colours.


  • Liked and Followed the said official accounts and followed you via GFC named Svetlani Santiago and in blog lovin as well with the email add. svetsan@ymail.com. I love the royal blue colored leggings because that’s the perfect blue that I’ve been looking for a very long time. perfect to match with shirts and sneakers. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    liked and followed denimocracy
    already following you on bloglovin’ 🙂
    I choose the purple-blaster! Anything else is fine actually :)Just not black and blue-in-the-face. Could really use a pop of colour asap!!

    gummy tess

    P.S. is this open worldwide?

  • love this giveaway
    i really like the mint colored ones i have been wanting something in that color for a while and this would be great

  • Already following everything!

    I would love the classic black because you can never go wrong with a basic black and I’ve been craving them! I also love the crocodile rock color!


  • Liked on Facebook, followed on Twitter (@kelsey_alford), and follow you on Bloglovin’ 🙂

    I absolutely LOVE the way you styled these in “Tang”, so I’d go for that or “Crimson”. Bright jeans are such a great way to liven up an outfit!


  • viet_azn_gurl@yahoo.com
    Blue-On-The-Face because it can pair easily with many fashion tops and it’s also wearable for every season.

  • I’d love the Crocodile-Rock one. I have yet to find a pair of mint skinnies that fit me the way I want because I’m so petite but the fact that these are leggings are perfect!


  • Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

    1) I like Denimocracy on Facebook – Cindy A.
    2) I follow Denimocracy on Twitter – @normawatson
    3) I follow Walk In Wonderland on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin.
    4) I would choose either Crimson or Black – my two favorite colors!


  • Yesss! I’ve been waiting for this giveaway, haha! I would choose either slate grey or crimson red. I love the slate because it’s a great neutral color that will go with anything and I love the crimson because it’s the best statement color!



  • 1 FB Maggie Pa
    2 Twitter @MPastaa
    3 Following on GFC and bloglovin!
    4 Crocodile rock or Black because I love the shade of green, and who doesn’t need a nice reliable pair of black pants?

    xx maggie

  • all done 🙂

    and I would choose slate grey because it’s super sexy


  • sounds great!
    love the green ones, this is the perfect color this summer.


  • perfect. ♡

  • Completed all steps.
    Blue-In-The-Face 🙂
    twitter: @dresslikevan


  • it looks so gorgeous!
    I love the ‘Lipstick’ color. Just because the color looks really feminine and I love the title haha. Also I think the color ‘red’ or ‘hard pink’ is really classy. No matter when or where you wear that color, it always looks hot.
    Much love, elkedesmit(@)hotmail(.)com

  • Did all the steps!

    I would choose black because it goes with absolutely everything. It’s a little punky!

    twitter: DessertNaps

    email: everyroadarunway AT gmail.com

  • WOW! you can rock those colour denims like no tomorrow 😛 Im actually really jealous, I can’t pull off coloured denim as it really makes me look ghetto at times haha but you can wear them for me, because this is a denimocracy hehe 😛


  • Such a great giveaway, Sheryl! I’ve done all the requirements <3 and I’m torn between Crocodile-Rock & Slate! Both are so different but so cute. Slate seems like the perfect distressed neutral that will go with everything and Crocodile-Rock is the alter ego, fun, bright and super fresh. I see myself wearing the Crocodile-Rock with my recently purchased dipdyed denim jacket <3 email is an{at}hautepinkpretty{dot}com

  • I liked Denimocracy on facebook and followed on twitter! (@Tabitha389)
    I follow you on Google Friend Connect!
    I would LOVE to have the mint color! They are absolutely gorgeous! I have so many ideas to wear them! Thank you!

    My email is tabbie389@yahoo.com

  • : All obligations checked 🙂
    FB name: ‘Gøssà Fay
    Twitter name: @TheyCallMeFati

    I would love to get the Light green one,i think it’s more fashionable & fresh for this season 🙂

    Email: fairytale-me@live.fr

    Thanks 😀

  • I love this outfit 🙂

  • Wow! Looove your orange skinnys, they look soo perfect the fit! ♥
    Love the leather vest on, it compliments the orange colored skinnys ♥
    I also love your sunnies and LOOOVE THE CALI NECKLACE! 😀

    Lked denimocracy on fb and twitter
    I follow you on gfc and bloglovin

    I chose the color crimson, because I need colored skinny jeans, and red goes with most colors. 🙂


  • 1) Like Denimocracy on Facebook – Ann Lyfe

    2) Follow Denimocracy on Twitter – @steffers516

    3) Follow Walk In Wonderland on Bloglovin – stefaniegladden

    4) I’d choose the mint!! they would be perfect for a blouse I have!

    5) stefanie.gladden@gmail.com

  • I’m no fan of leggings, but these ones are stunning and looks great on you. I might actually purchase one for myself.

  • Love love love it!! 😀


  • The orange look amazing on you!! Love how you styled it! I want and need a pair. Love the color you’re wearing=) I of course followed denimocray on FB and Twitter =)